About Us

Our Firm

Freedman Consulting, LLC, a mission-driven firm, offers strategic consulting services to foundations, nonprofit organizations, and public interest coalitions, advising many of the nation’s leading philanthropic institutions. Examples of our work include strategic planning and issue landscaping for major foundations, advising and coordinating coalitions and advocacy campaigns, and creating and supporting public-private partnerships. We tackle the most interesting challenges at the intersection of policy, philanthropy, and politics to help our clients drive positive social change.

Our Expertise

While the firm works on a range of public interest issues, we have deep expertise and longstanding field partnerships on several issue areas:

Criminal Justice Reform
Economic Mobility
Technology Policy
Municipal Innovation
Cross-Sectoral Partnerships

Our values and principles define who we are, how we work, and are the key to our success.

  • Work on issues that improve the world
  • Solve problems
  • Value creative and strategic thinking
  • Be a place of learning and growing
  • The quality of our work is the best advertising

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